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We are a software partner

and UX design studio.

Our secure website technology combined with our design expertise helps businesses, brands, and agencies power great customer experiences.

Secure Digital Products

At MadeDaily, we bring enterprise-level data protection to small businesses by combining secure data collection with an intuitive website builder. Create exemplary user experiences and keep your customer data safe.

» Secure Websites

» Enterprise software

» UX & Interaction Design
» UI Design

» Design Systems

» Motion Design



We believe in building a more secure web, together. The MadeDaily platform and encryption fabric software, give businesses a secure website at their own URL to handle every online interaction – making data security affordable while keeping customers safe.

» Content Strategy

» Web Design & Build

» Interactive Experiences

» Content Production

» Mobile Responsive Design

» CMS Implementation


Building client trust starts by effectively conveying your story. We leverage our storytelling, film, and digital strategy expertise to support your content needs.

» Writing & Editing

» SEO Writing

» Script Writing

» Motion Design
» Video Editing
» Photoshoot

» Film Production
» Social Media
» Shorts

Enterprise Development

Our CMS platform is engineered to integrate with your custom application. We work with you to create products that provide beautiful and functional user experiences. Build quickly, and affordably, and keep control of your content with MadeDaily. 

» MadeDaily Technology Consulting
» Systems & Cloud Architecture
» Custom Website Build

» CMS Implementation

» MadeDaily Engine Consulting

» MD Engine Development & API Integration
» Enterprise & Startup Software


We partner with businesses and agencies in various industries to build a more secure web.

Financial Advisors

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Welsh Financial, Red River Financial, M&E Catalyst Group

Real Estate Investing & Properties

Midloch, PACE Loan Group, Hempel Companies, LaSalle Plaza, The Shops at the West End, Venue 3 MKE

Businesses & Startups

Aldis, Splice, CineMechanics, Lake Mille Lacs Tourism, Speers, Stuckmayer, HomeKeepr, MIIR

Restaurants, Retail & Hospitality

3rd Street Market Hall, Moosebirds, The Great Outdoors, The Landing, Ely's Ivy


Burnt Sugar, Black Heart Models, Beaulait, Tenth Muse, Revolution of Cassandra, Potek Glass, Loving Lion Books

Digital Agencies

West & Co, Liina & Co, Studio Collective, Adaptive


Bay Dental, Endodontix