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Let’s build a more secure web, together.

is to provide enterprise-level data protection to small businesses by combining secure data collection with our intuitive website builder.


MadeDaily eliminates insecure website plugins and the need for multiple third-party services that send customers to off-brand destinations.


MadeDaily's secure data collection tools handle every online interaction at a single URL: content marketing, customer intake forms, signable contracts, document storage, compliant communication, client portals, logins, and payments. 


MadeDaily's patent-pending encryption technology protects sensitive data and promotes secure integration with external services.


In the fight against phishing and data loss,

MadeDaily makes businesses trustworthy.

Let’s work together.


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Built with ♥ in Minnesota.


Pier Hegeman

MadeDaily Founder

Pier Hegeman has twenty years of experience with software development, information security, and systems architecture. Pier has made a career as an information security consultant providing security services from architecture and design, risk assessment, and application assessment to software development and code review for Fortune 500 companies in banking, retail, and health care. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Before co-founding MadeDaily, Pier worked as lead solutions architect at Buffalo Wild Wings and as a security architect for Wells Fargo, Best Buy, Kroll Ontrack, and Target. He also spent six years in Japan working in a number of capacities including translator at the 1997 UN Convention on Climate Change in Kyoto, Coordinator of International Relations for the town of Nishiaizu, and developer for the start-up Tabemo, a precursor to Groupon. 

Jon Maichel Thomas

MadeDaily Founder


Jon Maichel Thomas is a twenty-year user experience veteran and creative director. Jon has provided UX/UI strategy, and creative direction for Fortune 500 Companies | YouTube, Target, BCBS, Medtronic, Hasbro, Bass Pro Shops, US Bank, Fairview, Turtle Wax, Bi-Worldwide, Hasbro, Wheaties, General Mills, Pillsbury, Cardiovascular Systems and Zivix. Jon has led projects from software to websites, to mobile apps, to Wii, to digital gaming, to emerging technologies. Jon has a knack for helping clients create digital products to bring to market.

Before co-founding MadeDaily, Jon was a contract UX creative director for Olson, Carlson Marketing World-Wide, Knock, Razor Marketing, and an Associate Creative Director at Popular Front (MPLS), a Title Designer at Big Film Design (NYC), and an Interactive Designer at Larsen (MPLS). Jon is also an adjunct faculty member at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design.