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Page Publishing & Blogging

Drag & Drop Tools - Use drag and drop tools to help you visually design, publish and maintain your content easily.

Responsive Editing - Toggle between desktop and mobile page views to tweak the design specifically to the device.

Pages - Have full control of HTML page info, layout, and content. One-click between editing modes, save page drafts and view a full design preview before publishing live. Suspend and delete pages when needed.

Site Flow Builder - Organize your website’s content and navigation. Drag-and-drop website pages, internal links and external links into place in a flowchart view. Create multiple navigational lists for mobile and desktop. Pages or links can appear in more than one navigational list.

Frameworks - Frameworks are engineered to provide exceptional user experiences. Each framework adheres to website best practices, with a modern user interface and responsive design to ensure your website will look beautiful on any screen. Unlike traditional website templates, frameworks can be easily customized to meet your requirements.

Stories - Stories are content pages with synopsis and full article views. Organize stories in navigational categories. Customize the synopsis and article for each story with images, video and audio. Grow your audience with stories.

Navigation Components - Drag-and-drop navigational presets into your design, horizontal navigation, side navigation, drop-down menus, and mobile navigation. Assign Flow lists to each navigation component.

Page Layouts - Have full control of your page layout grid. Use drag-and-drop tools to add or remove columns. Custom style each column container (like colors, borders, background images).

Page Preview - Live preview your page before it’s published. Toggle between desktop and mobile previews.

Headers & Footers - Design individual website headers and footers for desktop and mobile views. Use headers and footers to create any components you want to assign to multiple pages.

Page Layout Templates - Create and save page layout templates. Use a template as a starting point when you create a new page.

Page Content - Publish original content with drag-and-drop design tools. Add text, images, image & text, video, audio, galleries, stories and products.

Page Info - Create individual page titles, URLs, meta-data descriptions and keyword tags and assign child pages, backgrounds and unique headers and footers.

Aviary Image Editing - Adjust brightness and contrast, crop, resize and style images with stunning filters using the built in Aviary image editor.

Slideshows - Drag-and-drop image slideshows. Specify image thumbnails and auto start, on or off, and set transition interval. Drag images up and down to set show order.

Blog Posts - Write and design custom blog posts with images, video and audio. Organize posts by date, week and most recently added. Turn commenting on or off and customize post displays individually for mobile or desktop.

Galleries - Drag-and-drop image galleries. Specify your gallery images aspect ratio, image size and number of images in each row. Drag images up and down to set show order. Organize galleries in navigational categories.

Media Manager - Easily organize your media assets in bins with drag-and-drop. Access image file paths to create links.

Audio & Video - Drag-and-drop to add audio files and music or embed video from YouTube or Vimeo.

Text Editing - Use word processing tools to write, edit, style website copy and create links.

Favicon - Upload a custom favicon for your website – a favicon is the small image you see in your browser next to the address bar.

Custom Domain Name - Use any domain name you own. Add an unlimited number of alternative URLS for your website.

Page Animations - Add Cascading Style Sheet (CCS) animations to page elements.


Physical Products - Add products easily to your website with browse and full detail views. Track product quantities and include coupons. Share products directly to Facebook and Twitter.

Digital Products - Add digital products easily to your website. Each digital product is assigned a secure token ID at the time of purchase. Set the number of times a product can be downloaded and the date the token should expire.

Classes & Events - Add classes or events easily to your website with browse and full detail views. Set the number of seats, reserved seats, instructor, event description and location information.

Product Categories - Easily add an unlimited number of shop categories. Products can be listed in more than one category.

Payment Gateway - Integrate with PayPal and Stripe as your secure payment gateway.

Class & Event Categories - Easily add up to an unlimited number of class categories. Classes can be listed in more than one category.

Inventory Management - Track website purchases, view purchase receipts, manage orders and mark items that have shipped.

Customize Shopping Pages - Add designed content to your shop pages, customize shopping cart text button styles and image sizes.

Registration Management - Manage class and event registration lists, print attendance sheets and send class waiver emails.

Groupon & Daily Deal Codes - Accept codes at the time of checkout.

Secure (SSL) & Responsive Checkout - Websites include a responsive shopping cart with SSL security to give your buyers the best shopping experience.

Class Waivers - Uploaded any required class waivers to be sent directly to participant at time of purchase.

Coupon Codes - Accept coupon codes at the time of checkout.

Domestic and International Shipping - Accept domestic and international shipping.

Order Confirmation Emails - Emails are sent to your and your customer at the time of purchase. Customize each email easily.

Signature/Disclosure - Require a signature for a disclosure or waiver form available during the checkout process. Have guests agree to your terms before checking out.

Design & Develop

Prototype Your Design - You can build your information architecture and design your pages directly in the software. This lean UX approach will save you time and money.

CSS Styling - Use visual tools to write your website Cascading Style Sheet code. Design backgrounds, text styles, padding, borders, corners, box and text shadows with WYSIWYG tools. For advanced editing use source view to custom code elements.

Layout Components - Use visual editing tools to customize the design of layout components. Add color and image backgrounds, text styles, padding, borders, corners, box and text shadows, and more with WYSIWYG tools.

Full Screen Development - Design, develop, and edit your website in full screen mode.

Mobile & Desktop Features - Slide between mobile and desktop views customize the layout for each individual design break point.

Reference Images - Upload .jpeg, .gif or .png images to use in the design of your website. Assign each reference images to the page layout and use it as a blueprint for creating your design.

Multi-sites - Multi-site feature allows you to try out different frameworks and build a new website while your previous one is live.

Lock Content - Individually lock layout containers, and content components to restrict editing or accidental changes.

Image Loading - When an image is uploaded, multiple versions of images are created to maintain fast page loads.

Balanced Text - Turn balanced text on to minimize typographic widows when transitioning between mobile and desktop views.

Forms - Design custom website forms with drag-and-drop editing. Set text blocks, multi-selects and other form elements and their values.

Website Backgrounds - Create unique website backgrounds with images layers. Use backgrounds across multiple pages.

Password protected pages - Advanced accounts allow for password protection of pages and sections of your website.

Newsletter Lists - Collect website subscribers names and email addresses through your website.

Custom Fonts - Upload any custom webfont of your choice. Add the font to your library and it is instantly added to your website.

Free Google Fonts - Integrate with Google’s Font library, enter the font name and it’s instantly installed.

Creator Accounts

Client Management - Manage individual client websites and users and organizations for your business.

Custom Content Components - With a Creator account you can code custom HTML, JQuery and Javascript website components to use across multiple websites.

Client Billing - With a Creator account you can have one bill or have your clients be billed individually.

Content Layouts - With a Creator account you can create content layout containers for use across multiple websites.

Layout Customization - With a Creator account you can code custom HTML, JQuery and Javascript website components to use across multiple websites.

Master Pages - With a Creator account you can design master pages to use across multiple websites.

Search Engine Optimization

Page Indexing & Search Optimization - Every page is optimized for search with clean HTML markup and metadata for proper search rankings.

Meta-data access Built-in - Add individual keyword and meta-data to each website page easily.

Google Analytics - Add your Google Analytics ID to execute page individual page tracking. Your dashboard will display a daily feed from your Google Analytics.

Custom Page Titles - Create custom page titles for each page with separate URLs.

Security & Hosting

Spam Filtering - All websites, blogs and forms use spam filtering and CAPTCHA to keep your website secure.

Unlimited Bandwidth - All websites come with unlimited bandwidth. Our servers are load balanced with backups and hardware redundancies to maintain maximum up time.

Cross-site scripting security - All websites are engineered to protect your website against malicious Cross-Site Scripting attacks.

Multi-factor Authentication - Multi-factor Authentication through your mobile device, will provide the highest account security. When you sign-in we will verify your username and password, and then with Multi-Factor Authentication on, we will request an authentication code from your mobile device to verify that it’s you who are logging in.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) - We use SSL for our eCommerce engine to make sure your transactional data is secure.

Website Hosting - Websites come with cloud server storage. Our servers are load balanced and engineered for maximum uptime.

Website Storage - All websites starts with 2GB server storage and goes up based on your plan.


Auto-Billing - Your account is billed annually or month-to-month.

Client Billing - With a Creator account you can have one bill or have your clients be billed individually.

Social & Email Connectivity

Social Connectivity & Sharing - Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to tweet and post right from the Dashboard.

Email Sign-ups - Customize email sign-up component forms or integrate with Mailchimp or Aweber.

Social Feeds - Drag-and-Drop social feed components to your pages. (coming soon)

Support & Training

Training - Video tutorials, lessons and knowledge base and guide you through all aspects of the software.

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