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You belong On Lake Vermilion

Helping a property owner create an online destination for vacation rentals.

The Challenge

Take six previously unrelated properties and build a cohesive story under one brand to drive traffic, increase bookings and improve ROI for their Northern Minnesota vacation rentals. Each property site needed to be self-contained, but also needed to be part of a larger whole.


The Outcome

MadeDaily worked with the client to develop the “You Belong On Lake Vermilion” brand under the domain name. MadeDaily devised a cross site navigation system so each property felt connected to the others, as well as a custom search feature allowing search queries on one site to show results from the other sites.



  • Branding
  • Custom Design
  • Photography 
  • Cross Site Search
  • SEO & Content Strategy
  • Content Creation

Unifying a Brand

Prior to this project none of the properties were related in any way. MadeDaily worked with the client to develop consistent branding for all of the properties, while still retaining the unique aspects of each property that made them special. MadeDaily went on location to take photos and ground/aerial video creating a wealth of assets that could be used on the websites as well as social media content.

Original Logo
Updated Logo

Cross Promotion

One unique challenge of this project was that each property website needed to be self contained and able to be managed independently, while still working together as a group. To solve this challenge, MadeDaily developed a unique cross-site navigation system allowing website visitors to naturally and seamlessly move between the property websites.

MadeDaily also leveraged the unique “search group” feature of our platform which allows related websites to share search results, so relevant content is always available to visitors no matter which site they are currently viewing.