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Creating a secure investor portal for a private real estate investment company

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Midloch, a private real estate investment company, finds high-quality, high-yield investment properties throughout the United States for investors seeking better-than-average returns. We built Midloch a custom-branded investor portal to provide a better user experience, increase investor engagement through digital marketing, and build a stronger, more trustworthy brand.

Midloch reached out to MadeDaily years ago with a launch site for their new venture. We are now their software partner with our MadeDaily investor portal.

UI/UX Design

Content Strategy

Website Design

Custom Website Build

MadeDaily Engine

Customer-centric Investor Portal

Midloch uses a financial accounting system called Juniper Square to track financial data, manage funds, and administer statements.


“We were happy with the fund management solution, but I needed to supplement our investor management software in Juniper Square,” says Midloch CEO, Andrew Sinclair. “I wanted a way to showcase our investment opportunities with great visual design, within a secure portal, an app to share new deals but also investment returns to clients. We wanted great tech and MadeDaily was the right partner.”


“When you ask people to invest in your fund and properties, you need to present these opportunities in the best way possible. Good design paired with cohesive marketing content is important, because when pitching prospects you may only get one shot. That first impression means everything.” ~ Jon Maichel Thomas, MadeDaily CEO

Showcasing real estate investment deals

Midloch wanted to enhance their investors' experience, and with that in mind, we built Midloch a custom investor portal. The portal includes robust landing pages, dynamic, secure form builders, an investor onboarding sequence, and investment opportunities and properties pages.

Seamless & Secure

MadeDaily built an encryption package for the investor portal to store sensitive information.

“With our encryption system, only Midloch and the account owner can retrieve and decrypt private and protected information. This is a unique piece of the MadeDaily system which makes the investor portal very secure because only authorized users can view the data.”  

~ Pier Hegeman, MadeDaily CTO

MadeDaily provides a significant amount of monitoring, including an application firewall to detect and block known malicious attacks. This level of security is standard for large organizations, but uncommon for a small enterprise like Midloch.

Document Bulk Uploader

The new bulk uploader tool we built increases efficiency by securely matching tax documents to respective investment accounts, and streamlining operations while maintaining data integrity. With this solution, Midloch users can achieve a seamless and secure investor experience that prioritizes privacy and efficiency.

Empowering Investments & Enhancing Midloch’s Brand

Midloch’s customers can log in to view their investments, seamlessly integrated with Juniper Square's backend. This all-in-one solution meets Midloch's tech upgrade aspirations while presenting an opportunity to revitalize its brand.


“Midloch’s Investor App significantly enhances the Midloch brand and provides security for our customers and us. The partnership with MadeDaily, the team, and the technology, gives us an edge over competitors and builds trust with our customers." ~  Rafi Golberstein, Midloch Partner

MadeDaily is no code software to power real estate investor portals.