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Welsh Financial

Bringing an established brand into the digital world

Welsh Financial has a nearly forty-year legacy, founded by financial advisor Ray Welsh in Pender, NE. Bringing Welsh into the digital era for the first time was an honor, as we crafted a new brand and website in collaboration with the design studio, Adaptive.

Welsh serves as a trusted financial decision partner, providing personalized and holistic solutions that optimize every dollar for efficiency and protection.

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Custom Website Build

"We do better when you do better” Reimaging Welsh Financial’s Brand

We worked with Welsh to develop their brand value proposition and mission statement, through a series of interviews, workshops and visual presentations. 

This process revealed brand statements such as: "Welsh is your financial decision partner, offering personalized, holistic financial solutions and protections that ensure the efficiency of every dollar." 

The new brand positions Welsh Financial as a trusted partner deeply rooted in the community, ready to guide clients through their unique financial journeys.

A Cohesive and Compelling Brand Identity

The Welsh logo design is modern and sophisticated and incorporates the Welsh “W” as their foundation. The design system uses elements that reflect the interconnectedness of financial decisions.

The color palette that went with the logo was carefully selected to evoke a sense of trust, reliability, and warmth. Deep blues and greens were chosen to convey stability, while accents of gold added a touch of sophistication.

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