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Website redesign for a premier event space

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Venue 3, a premier event space at 3rd St Market Hall in Milwaukee's West Town, sought to create a website to showcase its upscale offerings for weddings, corporate gatherings, and special events. We redesigned the site with a focus on story telling visuals and concise text, highlighting Venue 3's unique features and prime location.

Content Strategy

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Seamless & Dynamic Online Presence

Implementing a content-first strategy, the website revolves around the seamless integration of media elements with concise yet impactful text. The website functions as a showcase of the space and how it's adaptable and dynamic for various events such as weddings, galas, fundraisers, corporate events, and more.

Intuitive and Immersive Journey

Prioritizing user experience, we ensured that the website is intuitive and easy to navigate. The website’s design and build not only engage visitors visually but also provide concise information about Venue 3's offerings. From the moment visitors land on the site, they are presented a journey that highlights the versatility and elegance of Venue 3.

Premier Event Destination

Through strategic web development, we elevated Venue 3's online presence, establishing it as the premier event destination in Milwaukee's West Town. The streamlined and impactful website serves as a potent tool for attracting clientele, showcasing the venue's distinctive offerings, and connecting the space to 3rd Street Market Hall.

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