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Custom craft requires custom design

How we transitioned Tenth Muse from a website template to a custom build.

The Challenge:
Tenth Muse’s original website was designed using a template that didn’t quite fit their story. It struggled to communicate the unique artistry of the brand and lacked eCommerce capabilities. With MadeDaily, Tenth Muse needed to:

1. Share the story of their designer craftsmanship.
2. Consolidate website and eCommerce platforms into one.

The Outcome:
Tenth Muse launches a new website custom designed for their brand. They switch from separate website and eCommerce softwares to a single, all-in-one platform.



  • User experience
  • SEO Strategy
  • eCommerce Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Build

Custom fragrance, custom design

Tenth Muse is a designer fragrance company specializing in custom formulated scents. Their luxury, highly personalized service required a website that would exude the same elegance and craftsmanship they show their customers. Their brand could only be conveyed through a custom designed, content-driven website.

Consolidating content and platforms

Our recommended approach for Tenth Muse was to simplify the content on their website. With too many pages, navigation becomes difficult and the editorial nature of their brand gets lost. We wanted their designer quality to be evident from the home page.


Tenth Muse also needed to simplify the platforms they were using for eCommerce. Instead of using different softwares to power their shop and website, we transitioned Tenth Muse to MadeDaily’s all-in-one platform.

The Result:
Tenth Muse re-launches with streamlined eCommerce, elevated branding, and a simplified platform. Their website reflects the luxury and uniqueness of their custom fragrance brand.