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Clarifying MIIR's product story

MIIR (Music Intelligence Impact Retrieval) is a groundbreaking audio technology company based in the Twin Cities. We partnered with MIIR to identify their target audiences and clarify their brand messaging so they could present the MIIR products to potential partners.

Film Production

Script Writing
Motion Design

VFX Design
Content Strategy  


Directed & Produced by
Jon Maichel Thomas & Craig Laurence Rice


Music Discovery is Ready for a Change

MIIR combines music and neuroscience to provide the most impactful musical moments of any recorded song.


We collaborated with MIIR to produce impactful day-in-the-life films, showcasing how MIIR revolutionizes music discovery and engagement. Through compelling narratives, we effectively encapsulated MIIR's brand story, illustrating the problems it solves.


The short film concept, "Music for Times Like These," emphasizes MIIR's role in facilitating meaningful musical experiences through its unique blend of technology and neuroscience.

Music Sourcing 


Finding suitable music for films or ads is inefficient, with producers spending hours searching for the perfect fit by randomly sampling audio sections.


Efficiently browse music catalogs with MIIR, including deep tracks, with songs uniquely categorized by impact.

Content Creation


Discovering the perfect music track for short-form content can be challenging due to limited options and poor previews.


MIIR offers an innovative solution, allowing users to explore music beyond genre limitations and discover impactful moments that enhance engagement with their content.



Music remains underutilized for health and wellness, largely due to its lack of integration with wearable devices to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance well-being


By integrating personalized music selection with wearable devices, MIIR is ushering in a new era of music delivery aimed at reducing stress and enhancing well-being.

MIIR Data Visualized

MIIR extracts and analyzes the musical DNA of a song, plotting the song's impact as never seen before. Identifying sections most likely to give a listener The Chills.


In addition to refining MIIR's brand story, we assisted in naming their product offering. The visualization below showcases MIIR's "Audio Journey" a key component of their invention.

Problem-Solution Alignment

Through our collaboration, MIIR was able to articulate the problems it addressed across various markets and position itself as the solution, thereby enhancing its market positioning and competitiveness. Our assistance in identifying and naming MIIR's product offerings simplified the company's product portfolio, making it more accessible to potential clients and investors.

The Making of MIIR

Creating three short films in one day for MIIR was a collaborative effort, seamlessly integrating music and visuals. Each film uniquely captures the essence of MIIR’s technology – which identifies the most impactful moments in a recorded song. The technology guided the narrative arcs of the films, aligning pivotal visual moments with musical peaks.


The shoot was led by Jon Maichel Thomas and Craig Laurence Rice as Co-Directors/Producers and Steve Speers as the Director of Photography. The production used techniques like Steadicam to create distinct tempos and atmospheres for each film. From a late-for-work journey to a heartfelt family reunion, the films showcase MIIR’s innovative software and give MIIR a compelling sales tool that highlights its impact on everyday life.

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