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MIIR Cloud Application

Transforming innovation into action with MIIR Cloud

MIIR (Music Intelligence Impact Retrieval), a groundbreaking audio technology company based in the Twin Cities, needed a platform that could process a significant volume of songs daily and utilize cloud computing to showcase their working algorithm prototype effectively.


We collaborated closely with them to develop the MIIR Cloud, delivering a seamless user experience, harnessing the power of cloud technology, and providing users with a comprehensive view of processed music metadata.

UX/UI Design

Custom Software

Custom Development 

Brand Design

MadeDaily Engine  

Motion Design

Intuitive Interface

We designed an intuitive interface that allows users to explore music catalogs by metadata such as genre and artist, while also showcasing MIIR's unique metadata parameters like the Chill Index. Another UI feature we introduced was the MIIR Sound Profiles (user-friendly tuner controls). These presets, including Relax and Wake-up, enhance the user experience by providing instant access to curated soundscapes that match specific moods or activities.

MIIR audio journey visualized.

High-Volume Processing

We leveraged cloud computing so MIIR Cloud can efficiently process vast amounts of song data, ensuring scalability and performance.

Visualization of Innovation

Through collaborative efforts in UX/UI design, cloud development, and quality assurance testing, users can witness MIIR's algorithm in action on the MIIR Cloud interface. The interface visually represents the audio journey and highlights the innovative aspects of the technology. 

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