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Making real estate property web pages shine for Hempel Companies.

The Challenge

Assist in Hempel’s rebrand by enabling them with a website that makes managing property pages and updating content internally easy.


The Outcome

Hempel transitions from Wordpress to MadeDaily and leverages unique platform capabilities and branded photography.


Website Design


Ongoing Partnership

Founded in 2001, Hempel Companies has earned a reputation for bringing a dynamic and fresh vision to real estate investment. Hempel currently manages more than 2 million square feet and over $4m in assets.

MadeDaily was invited to relaunch the brand with a new website. Hempel’s existing WordPress website was functionally outdated and extremely slow to load. They needed an alternative platform that could handle property pages, showcase their unique services, and be easy for them to update internally.

MadeDaily is a unique website development experience. The MadeDaily team is completely committed to providing the best possible product and experience to their customers. Using the MadeDaily platform is much simpler than other website development tools and their support staff quickly and efficiently addresses any issues that may arise. Our company has developed three separate websites with multiple features and custom requirements. There is no other platform on the market that could provide the services, customer support, and care that MadeDaily does.
Doug Donaldson
Hempel Companies Marketing Specialist

Properties That Tell a Story

Since each Hempel property is unique, the content and design of those pages needed to be flexible. For this we leveraged MadeDaily stories, a robust feature that allowed our client to create and organize each page into categories. Hempel customized each page, adding property descriptions and images that best fit that property story.

The People of Hempel

As part of the brand refresh, we did a photo shoot to capture the great people that work at Hempel. The idea was to bring a face to the real estate firm because Hempel is more than their buildings. Hempel consists of great people and it is the quality of their properties and developments, combined with their knowledge and service that makes them stand out in the marketplace.