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Team Deakins Event

Event microsite and marketing campaign for a premier rental house

Photo by Wilson Webb

CineMechanics is a premier digital cinema, camera, and lens rental house committed to assisting cinematographers nationwide with top-tier equipment and support. 

CineMechanics partnered with MSPIFF to bring acclaimed Cinematographer Roger A. Deakins, CBE, ASC, BSC and collaborator James Ellis Deakins to the film festival for an industry night, a book signing of Deakin’s ByWays photography book, and a conversation/screening of the Coen Brothers’ film Fargo. 


Event Website

Marketing Design  

SEO Writing

Social Media

Website Build

CineUp Leverages Event Website & Marketing Campaign

We advised CineMechanics on a marketing strategy and event website. We collaborated with CineMechanics and MSPIFF's design teams to create the website, posters, and social media posts with captivating images by on-set photographer Wilson Webb.

This featured event of this year's Cine-Up Workshop supports CineMechanic's mission to provide cinematography workshops for local MN working and upcoming professionals.

Posters for the Cinemechanics & MSPIFF - Team Deakins event. Photos by Wilson Webb.

MadeDaily founder, Jon Maichel Thomas had the pleasure of working with the Coen Brothers on the opening title sequence of Intolerable Cruelty, while on staff as a digital designer at BFD!. This film was also shot by Roger Deakins.

Enhancing Social Reach

We collaborated on crafting a captivating social media campaign creative for the event. This included social media banners, badges, posters to be used on, and, email campaigns, social media, and graphics to display at the event. As a result, CineMechanic's social engagement increased significantly, with even one post getting over 20,000 likes.

CineUp social media posts. Photo by Wilson Webb. Photo by Roger Deakins.

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