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Website redesign for Minnesota’s premier camera and lens rental house

CineMechanics, the premier camera and lens rental house in Minnesota, approached us to revamp its online presence and brand positioning. As a company deeply rooted in the video production industry, CineMechanics wanted a seamless user experience for its customers, encompassing a content-first methodology, intuitive website design, and cohesive brand positioning.


The redesigned website focuses on user-friendly navigation and prominently showcases equipment categories and rental services. 

Content Strategy

Brand Design


UX/UI Design

Website Design

Custom Development 

Custom Website Build


Enhanced Brand Messaging

Understanding the client's commitment to their clientele and the film community, our strategy was centered on creating a new brand message, "Cinema Starts Here". 

Intuitive Website Design

We collaborated closely with CineMechanics to curate and prioritize content. Emphasizing the client's mission, the website was designed to convey the company's dedication to assisting filmmakers in creating exceptional films.

The website was redesigned with a focus on user-friendly navigation. Categories such as cameras, lenses, lighting, and grip were prominently displayed, streamlining the process for cinematographers and producers to find the equipment they need.

Better Client Experience

The redesign reinforces CineMechanics' new brand identity and message. Through the strategic use of visuals and compelling copy, the website reflects the company's commitment to quality, expertise, and personalized support.

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