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Teaming up for Beaulait

How we partnered with a design agency to help launch a new business.

The Challenge:

Beaulait was launching their natural hair care business and needed a website that would both develop their brand and be compatible with their warehouse management software.


The Outcome:

MadeDaily partners with Thomas Kane Design to help Beaulait realize the vision of their brand and build a website with 3PL Central integration, the warehouse management platform.



  • Content First™
  • User experience
  • Custom design
  • SEO strategy

MadeDaily + Thomas Kane Design

In its infancy, Beaulait approached Thomas Kane Design with a start-up budget and a need for a branding strategy. As an expert in design and brand stories, Thomas Kane spearheaded the vision for the company and partnered with MadeDaily to help execute.

As a team, Thomas Kane Design provided the strategic direction and MadeDaily handled the production. We developed the content, photography, UX design, and website build all in alignment with Kane’s vision.

The Result:

Beaulait launches their company with branding provided by Thomas Kane Design and content production from MadeDaily. The outcome: an expertly designed, custom website capable of managing their warehouse operations and sharing the story of their business.