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3rd Street Market Hall

Celebrating a diverse set of food vendors

Bringing you the best of Milwaukee, 3rd Street Market Hall (3SMH) celebrates a diverse array of local cuisine, entertainment, and people. We created a robust website directory to help guests explore local food vendors and menus, and connect with online ordering platforms, embodying the hall's commitment to unity and celebration in Milwaukee.

Content Strategy

UX/UI Design

Information Architecture

Website Design

Custom Website Build

Simple, Effective, Vendor Directory Design

Our design approach for 3SMH strikes a balance between modernity and functionality, showcasing the distinct offerings of each vendor. With a primary focus on the vendors, our design emphasizes their brand identity through visually striking tiles in the Eat & Drink section. By integrating vendors' logos, captivating imagery, and bold typography, we encourage users to delve deeper into their stories. 

User-friendly Food Hall Vendor Pages

Each food vendor has an opportunity to showcase its brand within the 3SMH business directory using our story detail pages and menu builder. With our user-friendly admin design, updating or removing menu items, text, imagery, and third-party ordering vendors is effortless. Our templates integrate essential information on restrictions and pricing while accentuating 3SMH and each vendor’s brand identity.

Additionally, our custom-built menu templates and buttons for seamless online ordering through platforms like Bbot, DoorDash, Toast, and Grubhub.

More than a Food Hall

Our website for 3SMH offers convenient access to Specials & Events, News, and Games & Activities, ensuring guests can stay informed about the latest offerings and events at the Hall. This encourages visitors not only to dine but also to plan an entire day of entertainment at 3SMH.

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