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Refreshing your website for 2022

Published: 1.01.2022

We all wish our websites could stay stylish, relevant, and high ranking forever. But unfortunately, the digital world moves fast. Here are 7 simple ways to refresh your website for the new year:


1. Update your copyright date.
A simple task we all seem to forget. Changing the copyright date in the footer is an easy way to show visitors your website is up to date.

2. Update company information.

This one may seem like a no brainer, but life gets busy! Have your hours changed with the pandemic? Has your team changed? Make sure your site reflects the most up to date version of your information.

3. Swap-out dated images, testimonials, press features, etc.

Changing the main image on your home page is a simple way to give your site a fresh look. Make sure all graphics are in the highest resolution and still relevant to your content. Highlight your most recent testimonials, press features, and blog posts first.

4. Evaluate navigation, user experience, and site flow.

No one likes to dig through a website to find what they’re looking for. Ask a fresh set of eyes to navigate your site and look for ways to improve usability.

5. Do a link audit.

Take some time to check your links and update any errors or missing pages. Bad links are not only frustrating for users but also detrimental to your site’s authority and credibility.

6. Re-evaluate your SEO strategy.

SEO practices and our understanding of them are constantly changing. Last year’s keywords might not apply to your target audience anymore. Make a new list of potential keywords to use in metadata, page titles, image tags, and within your written content as well.

7. Update your content.

As tedious as content audits may be, they’re the most important website update to make. Content is what drives visitor engagement and SEO. Carve out some time to comb through it and update any dated or irrelevant information with well-written, concise, and keyword-driven content.


An important question to ask yourself is: do I need a website refresh or a redesign? While making consistent updates will keep your site as fresh as possible, at some point, it’s going to need a makeover. Website layouts and designs, like all style trends, get dated quickly. If you haven’t redesigned your website since it’s creation in 2016, it might be time to get re-inspired.


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By Samantha Ford