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8 Things Patients Expect in 2022

Published: 12.05.2021

Now more than ever, patients are relying on the internet to keep them safe and informed. The age of digital communication is here to stay and patients expect your practice to meet the needs of the time.


COVID-19 has solidified a new digital standard for the healthcare industry. For providers who anticipate demands and adapt quickly, the digital ecosystem is an opportunity for growth, to improve patient experience, and to stay ahead of competition.


Here’s what patients are expecting from their provides in the new year:

1. Safe and contactless procedures. 
Now especially, patients don’t want to come into the office unless they have to. They’re looking for contactless care like telehealth visits and digital patient intake.

2. Accessible information online.
Patients are looking for quick access to provider information, insurance compatibility, and potential costs on a practice’s website. Patients are most likely to choose providers they know the most about.

3. Positive reviews.
Reviews are often the first thing patients look for when evaluating a provider. Showcasing both positive and negative reviews help a practice build trust.

4. Strong digital tools.
Digital offerings like online bill-pay and appointment scheduling are quickly becoming the industry standard. Patients are now expecting to be able to complete pre- and post-appointment tasks online.

5. Text communications.
Text reminders and confirmations are the most preferred way of contact. Compared to emails and phone calls, texts have the highest open and response rate.

6. Customer service.
When it comes to paying bills, scheduling exams, or answering questions, patients expect helpful and sincere customer service from their providers.

7. Cost and insurance transparency.
Most patients are tired of committing to a procedure or appointment without completely understanding their out-of-pocket responsibility. They’re expecting upfront transparency about costs in 2022.

8. Simple bill-pay. 
Mail-in payments and paper billing are a huge reason why 34% of patients have health bills in collections. Patients are looking for better bill clarity and the ability to pay online in the new year.

Our reliance on online capabilities will undoubtedly continue in 2022. For providers who embrace a digital ecosystem, this time is an opportunity to help keep patients safe, improve their experience, and grow their practices.

To learn more about the 8 things patients are expecting in 2022, download our guide. Get tips on how to start reaching the new digital standard and greater insight into the research.


By Samantha Ford