Junior Website Developer/Builder - Full-time

MadeDaily is looking to hire a full-time website developer/builder to help build websites with our MadeDaily website software platform. You’ll work with a small but growing team of expert designers and developers with a drive to make an impact through great software and great service. 

About the job

As a website builder at MadeDaily, you'll work with our team to build new websites, applications, and update websites using the MadeDaily software platform. Your goal is to use your knowledge of modern HTML and CSS to leverage our software to build maintainable websites with intuitive site structure and design systems that our customers can update themselves. Depending on your interests and skills, you may also do some design work as well as provide input and/or help with the ongoing development of the MadeDaily platform.

Here are some real examples of the work we’ve done lately that might help you to get a better idea of what the job could entail:


Working with an external branding & design partner and our internal writing staff to build a beautiful, responsive, SEO friendly website for a local renovation business. 


Updating our knowledge base to keep current with enhancements and changes made to the MadeDaily platform. 


Responding to customer questions with detailed instructions for making updates and/or suggestions on how to accomplish their content goal.


Training a new customer on how to make updates to their website in the MadeDaily software.


About you

We’re looking for candidates with a good understanding of modern HTML and CSS, as well as a strong desire to continue learning and improving. Even though you will be working within our SaaS tool, you should have some experience building websites from scratch. Experience with modern Javascript and/or Ruby on Rails development would be very helpful but is not required.


Since the bulk of our work is written – from the content and interfaces we design, the code we create, and the documentation and customer support communication we produce – being a good writer is important. Effective, concise writing leads to effective, concise code.


We have a small team so every voice is important. We value people who can voice their opinion with confidence and defend their position, while simultaneously being open to feedback and different ideas. We subject ideas to rigorous consideration and challenge each other, but it’s important to remember that we’re here for the same purpose: to do good work together. 


We won’t get hung up on credentials. If you have a degree or professional certification, we will take that into consideration but we care much more about what you can do and how you do it, not about how you got there.



Starts at $50k per year based on experience. 


How to apply

Please send a resume, portfolio, and a cover letter story that tells us about yourself, about what you can bring to MadeDaily. Tell us about something you’ve done, something that’s relevant to the kind of work we do, something that excites you. Overall, be descriptive, but don’t write a novel — 500 words or so is plenty.


Please send resume and letter to: info@madedaily.com


We expect to take several weeks to review all applications. The top candidates will be contacted and will proceed to the interview stages. Expect 1-3 interviews, all one hour, all remote, with your future colleagues, on your schedule. We’ll talk through your background, your approach to work, and dive into your technical knowledge. No gotchas, brainteasers, or whiteboards. 


Thanks for applying to work with MadeDaily.